MEPCO Bill Online Without Any Reference Number

To get Mepco electricity bill information online, every customer has to enter a specific reference number mentioned on the bill, after which the bill information is available if you do not have the required reference number for any reason. Or if you are unable to get your reference number due to applying for a new connection, you can still easily get your electricity bill online with the help of some of the methods given below.

Mepco electricity Bill via SMS

As mobile phones are easily accessible to everyone nowadays, it is quite easy to check your electricity bill via SMS. For your convenience, we have listed the entire procedure step by step below. So don’t worry, just follow all the procedures and get your monthly electricity bill easily with the help of an SMS

Requirements for receiving electricity bills via sms

Keep in mind to get your electricity billing information via SMS. You need your electricity meter number and monthly reading date.

  • First, open your mobiles interface and then open the SMS section of your mobile
  • And thereafter entering MEPBIL give space then write STMT NO.
  • After giving space, Now after putting in your electric meter number, and write the date reading date of your monthly electricity bill.
  • Boom ! we have done, Now we have to send this sms to 46040
  • You will be sent your electricity bill information shortly after sending the SMS

After following all the steps to get monthly billing updates, the SMS you will receive will be something like this.

MEPB 001 STMT NO 012 1234 Meter No 014 Date of Meter Reading on 46040

One important thing to be remembered is that the charges for SMS sent to get billing information are charged from your mobile credit, so you must have the required balance on your mobile; otherwise, you will not be able to receive your duplicate MEPCO bill via sms

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